Big Damn Heroes

S2, Episode 2

An ambush ambushes the ambush...

No sooner had the crew dispatched the Emerald Claw group, then what would appear but a group of dwarves led by Kalad. Apparently he was quite perturbed at the group seeing as how when they robbed the bank he was the one left to take the blame. After a great deal of negotiation, it was decided that the group would contact Trish and ask her to send back the item.

Sadly, this was not the peaceful end to the trip. Shortly after negotiations were concluded, an Eladrin burst out of invisibility, grabbed Jin, and teleported to the roof of the train. With a nod to the dwarves, the group hurried on to the roof to thrash some more enemies of the group’s beloved bard. Most of said Eladrin were hurled off of the top of the train in one fashion or another; much to the amusement of whole party. One Eladrin was knocked out and tied up.

Before the party could get to questioning him about the attack, Cirno flew to meet the group on top of the train. She declared that she would see them punished for how they brutalized her and her poor fungus minions (who savagely attacked the group and killed Ur-gyse years earlier). Having seen the power of diplomacy work on the dwarves, Jin attempted to convince the ice fae that the group wasn’t her enemy. After much debate, and much beatings to all present, Jin was successful. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the fight. Cirno declared that the group must prove that they were worthy to be Good Guys, and defeat her in battle. After much suffering and running around on an icy train roof, the group managed to bloody the fae. She declared them True Good Guys, and as a reward taught them how to Fall With Style.

When the group returned to the inside of the train car, the Dwarves were less than amused to discover that Oak was blessed with the Mark of Warding. After a little more smooth talking, Oak ( and Jin) were able to convince them that Oak could be a fantastic addition to their House.

As the group went to question the one remaining Eladrin, he fae stepped out of the train car. Having nothing else to do, the group recovered from their wounds and looted the bodies. In the mean time, Rowen was still protecting the one lone passenger who got stuck in the middle of the whole affair. The group offered the man their card, in case he ever needed the services of an adventuring group.

What remained of the train ride was carried out with a blissful lack of ambushes.



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