Big Damn Heroes

S2, Episode 3

Into the Mournlands...

After the group exited the train, they fulfilled their obligations to Kalad and sent a message to Trish. As the rightful heir to the item that was stolen anyways, Trish merely paid off the cash required to accept the inheritance and dropped any charges that might have been against the group / Kalad. Kalad also got word back from House Kundarak as a whole, and Oak was accepted as a full member in the House.

As the group collected items to begin their journey, they were approached by the man who was stuck with them on their Lightening Rail car. The man, Professor Alverrick, was also planning a trip into the Mournlands. Seems there was some House genealogy books at House Cannith that he was interested in obtaining and he wished to hire the group to escort him there. After being paid up front, the group agreed.

Rather than skirt around the edges of the Mournlands and risk running into bandits or complications with other countries, the group decided to cut straight across what was left of Cyre to get to Making. After many days of travel through the gloomy landscape, the group was attacked by some kind of horrible burrowing undead. There was also a small side bet going on about when the group would be attacked by undead, and what KIND of undead. Ur-gyse and Oak ended up winning the pot on that one, much to the despair of Professor Alverrick who was really hoping that NO undead would attack.

After dispatching the burrowers, the group continued on and eventually found a small farm house to rest in for the night. Sadly, it was already inhabited with Shadowfell humans. After killing them, the group took a nice break for the evening…



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