Big Damn Heroes

Season Finale: Part One

A City of Towers...

The Purple Jewel arrived at Sharn with no further difficulty. As the boat was being checked into dock, the liaison for the harbor passed along a couple of letters to the crew. Lemesh received an envelope from his contacts in House Cannith; it contained further information about Teron d’Cannith’s tower in Sharn as well as a key. Captain Edrick also received a letter. Shortly after that he left the boat, though he wouldn’t say why. While he did mention that it was nothing to worry about, Shroeder loudly disbelieved him. Not wanting to press their luck, the crew left the captain to his business and went about their way selling the Lich’s treasure.

After quite a long walk up through the city, the crew arrived at the University with a ton of priceless cultural artifacts in tow. Negotiation and inspection went on for a while before a suitable price was agreed upon. The crew ended up with a note of credit for 44,000 gold pieces. Split amongst those involved, each person’s share was 7,333g. Shroeder kept Ur-gyse’s gold for safe keeping.

While the rest of the crew was out shopping, Illeith’atharia found a good spot to sit and watch Teron d’Cannith’s tower for a while. There were only two entrances, both of which were only reachable by crossing a small bridge over a very very long drop. There was a warforged at each door; no one went in, and no one went out.

Illeith’atharia returned to the crew and relayed her information. The next two hours were spent discussing how the group could possibly get inside. Illeith’atharia favored simply walking up to the door and asking for entrance. Her theory was they would get jumped shortly after entering, but at least they wouldn’t be thrown off the tower. Also, it was bound to be a death trap anyways, so they might as well just go in and get it over with. Jin was in favor of sneaking or bluffing their way in. Perhaps just having him go in as reconnaissance and the rest of the group following later.

In the end, Jin conceded to follow along with the “get’em ray” plan simply so they could get to actually doing something. The group walked up to the door and asked the warforged there to knock. He did. Nothing happened. After a moment, they asked how they could make an appointment with the master of the house; he promptly ushered them inside.

Several warforged were hanging out around the first floor; which was just a single room with stairs. After a moment, the inhabitants of the tower drew their swords and attacked (to the utter lack of surprise of every one on the crew). There were so many dangerous chemicals stored in the room, that the enemy warforged frequently found themselves doused in alchemist fire or acid. Oak seemed to have a good deal of fun pushing various opponents into boxes of sharp metal objects as well.

After clearing the first floor, the crew cautiously moved up to the second. There rested what looked like a large flesh golem bound with steel cables. As Jin stepped into the room to investigate, he set off a lightning trap. Not only did the trap shock him, but it also powered the lightning coils next to the golem…which promptly sprung to life after the trap was set off. The metal bindings that appeared to be on him turned out to actually be just metal snake constructs.

The next several minutes were spent killing the snakes, dodging the rampaging flesh golem, and getting shocked by more lightning traps. Eventually though, the crew prevailed. Illeith’atharia did insist on bagging a few of the metal snake corpses for Trish to bring to life again to guard her clothes closet.

Once the second floor was cleared, the crew moved up to the third…


Bring out yer dead!

Bring out yer dead!!

Season Finale: Part One

“Eventually though, the crew prevailed. Illeith’atharia did insist on bagging a few of the metal snake corpses for Trish to bring to life again to guard her clothes closet.”

You know you’re serious about security when your underwear drawer is guarded by poisonous robot cobras.

Season Finale: Part One

Guaranteed to prevent (or ensure) clothes hi-jinks in the future!

Season Finale: Part One

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