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Season Finale: Part Two

We didn't need that tower anyways...

(( This is all as well remembered as possible, feel free to update if I messed up stuff)) ((Like I did))

The crew rounded up the stairs and peeked into the last room, empty but for two golems on either corner standin gon rasied sections, with the far corner’s dias obscured by curtans. As Oak looked out of the hallway, Teron d’Cannith walked out from behind the curtian reading a book. Slowly he closed it and looked up, then welcomed the motley crew. The House Cannith scion was at the far end of the room, standing in front of the small raised dias hidden by curtans. Teron mentioned how the group had some items that belonged to him, and pointed at the G.E.M in Oak’s neck. Oak promptly assured him that he merely found the item, and thus it was his now. Teron asked Oak “where did you find them?” Oak’s was forced to admin “In the chest…that we forced open..”. A little more small talk was passed back and forth before Teron declared that the crew could be of assistance in ‘completing’ the G.E.M.S. Jin took the implied theft of his soul a might personal.

When Jin moved to teach Teron the meaning of ‘emotional trauma’, the artificer tossed the book he was holding behind a nearby curtain in a corner and prepared to fight. Shortly after that, the whole crew was in the room and trying to not get bludgeoned to death by the golems. Illeith’atharia went for Teron while Oak, Lemesh, and Ur-gyse went for the golems. Shroeder blasted everything in the room while Jin happily lavished on the verbal punishment to all who deserved it…which was pretty much everyone.

As Illeith’atharia laid the killing blow on Teron, he teleported back to the corner with the curtain. Smearing some of his own blood on something behind it, he said, “I leave it for you to take care of,” and then died. At which point a voice came from behind the curtain, “Acknowledged. Defensive protocol activated.”

A rumbling of pure power shook the tower and everything in the room was blasted out the windows. The tower itself cracked at the base and quickly began tumbling to it’s doooom, with the crew and the golems desperately clinging to the side. A cry of “Oh no, not again.” was heard. After ‘landing’ on the tower that was falling impossibly slow, a flash of red radiant light pushed one of the golems off the side of the tower, but the other had to be slowly beaten to pieces by the group, seemlingly never running out of endless bone shards splintering the battered group. In the mean time, Jin and Ur-gyse worked on magic-ing together little parts of the tower to save the crew from the fall.

After the last golem was murdered, a small horde of robot spiders swarmed over the group. Oak stowed his shield and grabbed Jin to keep him from slipping off the rotating tower. Once all the spiders were taken care of, Lemesh clung to Illeith’atharia to keep from slipping off as well. Just before they were dashed to pieces on the unforgiving ground, the magic bubble that Jin and Ur-gyse made popped around them and broke their fall.

While the crew floated down into the dustcloud which was obscuring the corpose of the fallen tower, a little girl floated down as well, only noticed when the dust had cleared and the crew was getting ready to ‘legg it’. The little girl was made of stitched up body parts and had glowing red eyes. A book floated in front of her with the draconic rune for “Knowledge” in a stone on it. Four small crystals floated around her and created a force field protecting her. “Initial efforts were insufficient. Secondary defenses activated.” The book opened and she began reading rhymes out of it…huge blast waves of destructive power would shortly follow each rhyme.

Initially the crew considered running, which Jin promptly took too. However Oak and [[:6144 | Schroeder] had other plans and approached the crystals while Illeith’atharia circled around back of some of the wreckage. Shroeder figured out that the crystals could be disabled using Arcane mastry, and once again provedShroeder proved her arcane superiority by working on deactivating the crystals, joined initially by Lemesh and then Jin as Lemesh desperately tried to keep everyone alive while dodgeing gigantic explosions that seemed to always hit him extra hard.Illeith’atharia, Oak, and Ur-gyse simply tried to bash, crush, lightning and bite the crystals apart. After the first one was destroyed and a second deactivated, a terrible blast wave hit the whole group…causing most of the melee to wonder about the wisdom of breaking more crystals. Still, between all of them, the force field came down.

Every time a crystal was destroyed or deactivated, the little girl’s eyes grew dimmer. Once the last one was smashed, she collapsed. Illeith’atharia took charge of the girl, everyone else looted everything they could, and Jin wrote “Lyle Garvan was here” on the base of the tower. They all quickly fled.

While the vast bulk of the crew went back to see Captain Edrick, hopefully to get the hell out of Sharn, Illeith’atharia took the unconscious golem girl and looked for a place to hide. She found a soup kitchen for the Blood of Vol; the head of the establishment there was kind enough to supply the avenger with a bolt hole to rest in.

The rest of the crew found Edrick...drunk off his ass at an inn with Trisha. It seems that the Purple Jewel had been repossessed by it’s original owner; Aleya Sindrain’s father. After sending a message to Lemesh’s House Cannith contacts, the group went to find Illeith’atharia.

Illeith’atharia had spent her time tending the child, who was feverish, and reading Teron d’Cannith’s research notes. His notes were added into the old book of Darviccio’s notes.

The Notes: Darviccio’s research started with binding elementals; not an unusual practice. After much work he realized they were monstrously problematic to work with. He then came to the conclusion that binding souls into them would work much better. So he started working on that, and it turns out they did do better. He also started working on protecting those souls from going to Dolurrh, which was when he realized that Dolurrh was breaking into our plane. He began researching ways to make the stones protect from such out breaks. He even calculated a massive outbreak of Dolurrh…he last marking was shortly before the Day of Mourning. He also began working with souls of Marked individuals. He created the last bunch of stones with those who were dragon marked. Somewhere in the notes, something about “Taper’s group” was mentioned.

Teron picked up those notes where Darviccio left off. Much of this was retracing old steps to figure out what was done. He goes on to say how he traded some of the information of Darviccio’s research to Merrix in exchange for funding. He also notes that he needs the last group of shards Darviccio made in order to continue with his work…and he just might know where to get them.

When the crew met back up together, Illeith’atharia showed them the book and relayed the information inside. As they were discussing what to do with the girl, she woke up…with no memory of what happened or who she was. Against several objections from the rest of the crew (mostly Jin ), Illeith’atharia gave the girl a very brief explanation of what happened, and gave the girl back her magic book. After no violence ensued and the girl mostly expressed confusion, Illeith’atharia stated that she would protect the girl from who ever might harm her ((so cute!!)).

At which point the group went back to figuring out what to do now that the Purple Jewel was gone. The general consensus was for everyone to lay low until the Captain sobered up and figured out what he was going to do about getting a new boat.

Oak decided to stay with Trish and the Captain in Sharn. Shroeder decided to do some research at Morgrave University; perhaps look up the draconic prophecy. Illeith’atharia also decided to stay in Sharn; her plans involved caring for the little golem girl and laying low. There was some talk of her and Lemesh spending some time together touring some temples, but after some thought this was discarded. Lemesh decided to go do his tour of temples anyways, and Ur-gyse flew away to go do druid-y things. Jin quickly departed for Zen’drick to go get in touch with his True Drow Nature.

After one last good bye, the crew of the Purple Jewel scattered to the winds…


I’ll have to update this, but mostly correct.

Season Finale: Part Two

Sweet! I enjoyed the addition of the witty banter between Teron and Oak :D

Season Finale: Part Two

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