Big Damn Heroes

Season Two: OVA 2

Oak and Ur-gyse go for a walk...

((Disclaimer: This is remembered to the best of my ability. Please fill in any blanks!))

Oak’s original plan involved staying in Sharn with Edrick and Trish. However, it didn’t take long for Ur-gyse to decide he needed to go on a trip…and he asked Oak for help. So per his stoic nature, Oak went along with the half orc for what would become a crazy adventure.

Ur-gyse wanted to go back home, to the Eldeen Reaches. In order to get there, Ur-gyse transformed both himself and Oak into small animals, so that they could sneak onto a lightning rail. Oak discovered that breathing, eating, and defecating was one of the more miserable things he had ever felt. The lightning rail workers discovered that they had stowaways. After a month or so of enforced labor, to work off their rail tickets, the two finally reached Lake Galifar. They promptly began swimming across it. It took so long that local fisherman created an urban legend about a man swimming across the lake; never stopping, never slowing. Once they got into the Eldeen Reaches, they encountered a number of different druid factions. After some rocky starting relations, Oak ‘befriended’ them all to death.

Eventually they made it to the druid city of (blah) where the most ancient elder druid (whoever) lived. Ur-gyse and Oak requested an audience with the giant tree, and actually got it. Representatives from all the factions of druids awaited there in the great tree’s court, and even a few Eladrin were present. The great tree welcomed them to his court, and Ur-gyse began to explain their adventures leading up to this point. After several minutes of stories with little chronological sense, Oak stepped in and explained everything as if reciting a military report. At the end, Ur-gyse made a plaintive plea to the tree for a druidic promotion, mentioning how proud his mom would be. Oak promptly stared at him incredulously, “This is why we are here? Why we went all this way?”

After a moment of thought, the great tree stated that he had no control over the hierarchy that the various druidic groups employed. The tree did state that their exploits were worthy of recognition, and they had the tree’s personal gratitude. They indeed have helped make the world a better place, and have fought the Dark valiantly. As all the other druids in the room looked on with newly found respect, Ur-gyse jumped up and down with joy. He and Oak then went to see Ur-gyse’s parents, who were in fact very very proud.

Over the next year or so, Ur-gyse and Oak stayed in the Eldeen Reaches and helped out the druids there. Ur-gyse was already a member of the Gatekeepers, but after a while Oak decided to join them too.

During a Spring celebration, some of the other druids invited Oak and Ur-gyse up to the tops of the trees to celebrate like real druids and see the sunrise on the first day of Spring. Being unwilling to pass up a party, Ur-gyse agreed. Being uninterested in actually talking to people, Oak was already working his way up the tree before the druids finished talking. They climbed. And climbed. And climbed. They went up so far that they actually passed the clouds. When they reached the very tops of the trees, the view was breathtaking, for those who actually breath. There was drinking and joking and a few brave souls jumping from branch to branch.

As the first morning’s rays broke over the horizon, a large dark storm cloud began to build in the distance. The rate at which it was moving toward the celebrating druids was alarming, as was the little shocks of lightning that flew from cloud to cloud. As the storm was right beneath Oak and Ur-gyse, Ur-gyse suggested they climb down a little to get a better look at the storm, “It would be so awesome, all the clouds, and lightning, and, dude, I am so wasted…”

Oak just shook his head and agreed. The two climbed down, and were promptly electrocuted by a massive bolt of lightning. By some strange miracle, they weren’t killed; though they did catch fire a little. Even more impressive, the tree around them didn’t catch fire at all. They both noted that the lightning seemed to fill them; though Ur-gyse assumed that this was just another side effect of the party favors.

The rest of their time in the Eldeen Reaches passed with out note. Future movements through the forests produced a significantly fewer encounters with druids ready to kill them; apparently word of the great tree’s personal approval had spread. The two of them stayed in the forests until Trish called everyone together again…


The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

Season Two: OVA 2

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