Captain Edrick Tyvran

A ruggedly handsome (if somewhat scruffy) man of Cyran decent. He dresses in simple, practical garb, favoring a longcoat and unaudacious hat to keep the sun from his eyes.


A former captain in the Cyran navy, Captain Tyvran narrowly escaped the Day of Mourning. His country gone, and with it all of his land and belongings, he turned his ship and crew to less noble pursuits. Taking up the role as captain of the Purple Jewel, Tyvran leads his crew in accepting jobs, both legal and less-than-so, to keep their ship afloat and its larders filled, with its main ports of call in the untamed frontiers of the Lhazaar Principalities.

After the loss of the Purple Jewel, Edrick floundered for a purpose for some time, eventually finding it in seeking out other survivors of Cyre. When the crew determined to recruit those survivors to aid them in the fight against Lady Vol, Edrick helped them appeal to the surviving prince of Cyre, and was subsequently appointed to lead the volunteers who would come. He subsequently turned down an offer to captain the Raven’s Bounty in favor of a position as “Admiral” of the Cyrean remnants.

Captain Edrick Tyvran

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