Trisharia "Trish" Tyvran d'Cannith

A young girl in her mid-teens, wearing an oversized one-sleeved Cyran naval uniform and heavy gloves.


A refugee from Cyre, Trish was one of the original passengers of the Purple Jewel.

Trish is Edrick’s adopted daughter, who he took in after her “handler” severed her arm in an attempt to preserve her mark along with a case she was carrying. Her real name is Trisharia d’Cannith, but she avoids contact with the main house due to fears related to her past injury; in fact, it appears the House considers her to have died on the Day of Mourning. In the intervening years since she was taken in, she has constructed an artificial arm to replace the one she lost, and now serves as the ship’s magewright, using her skills to keep it afloat.

Trish is the granddaughter of Darviccio d’Cannith, who originally invented the GEMs now in the crew’s possession.

After the loss of the Purple Jewel, Trish reconnected with her extended family, gaining journeyman status within the House. Since then, she has reassembled the crew and set them on the path that recently culminated with the reconstruction of the Raven’s Bounty as an airship. She now serves on that ship, taking up her old duties as magewright, which are considerably more demanding now.

Trisharia "Trish" Tyvran d'Cannith

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