Divine Killer / Unholy Batman

Class: Avenger

Paragon Path: Favored Soul

Race: Eladrin

Size: Medium

Gender: Female

Alignment: Unaligned

Deity: Blood of Vol

Ability Scores:
  • STR 13
  • CON 13
  • DEX 19
  • INT 13
  • WIS 19
  • CHA 13

Initiative 9

  • AC 26 (+1 while at max hp)
  • Fort 19 (+1 while at max hp)
  • Ref 22 (+1 while at max hp)
  • Will 23 (+1 while at max hp)
Max HP 87
  • Bloodied 43
  • Surges/day 8
  • Surge Value 21
  • Speed 7
  • Passive Insight 19
  • Passive Perception 24
Basic Attacks:
  • Fullblade attack – 11 vs AC, Damage = 1D12+5 – High Crit (magic bracers)
  • Unarmed (melee) – 8 vs AC, Damage = 1d4+5 (magic bracers)
  • Unarmed (range) – 11 vs AC, Damage = 1d4+6
Race Features:
  • Trance; Meditate aware 4 hours instead of sleep.
  • Eladrin Weapon Proficiency; Proficient with longsword.
  • Eladrin Education; Training in any one additional skill.
  • Eladrin Will; +1 Will, +5 to saving throws against Charm.
  • Fey Step; use fey step as an encounter power.
  • Fey Origin; Origin is fey, not natural.
  • Arcana Bonus; +2
  • History Bonus; +2
  • Blood Drain, Dex; Use Dex for Blood Drain.
  • Vampiric Heritage; Gain blood drain (encounter) power. +2 to Insight and Perception against dhampyrs and undead.
  • Improved Armor of Faith; Increases armor of faith bonus to AC.
  • Weapon Proficiency (Fullblade)
  • Midnight Staliker; +2 to Stealth, +1 for each ally within 10 (max +5).
  • Vampire Alacrity; +1 to speed.
  • Mark of Death; Give Gentle Repose ritual, other effects unknown.
  • Painful Oath; Deal extra radiant and necrotic damage to oath target. Damage is equal to wisdom modifier (+4), and only applied on the first hit per turn.
Class / Path / Destiny Features:
  • Armor of Faith; Gain +3 bonus to AC while wearing cloth or no armor and not using a shield.
  • Avenger’s Censure; Gain an avenger’s censure power
    • Censure of Pursuit; Deal 2+ Dex mod extra damage if oath target moves away. (4 + Dex mod at 11th level, 6 + Dex mod at 21st level)
  • Channel Divinity; Invoke a channel divinity class feature or other power; encounter.
  • Oath of Enmity; Gain the Oath of Enmity power.
  • Favored Action; When you spend an action point, you or an ally next to you can also spend a healing surge.
  • Heaven’s Shield; While at max hp, defenses are at +1.
Languages Known:
  • Common
  • Elven
At Will Powers:
  • Bond of Pursuit
  • Radiant Vengeance
Encounter Powers:
  • Second Wind
  • Fey Step
  • Abjure Undead
  • Divine Guidance
  • Oath of Enmity
  • Blood Drain
  • Relentless Attack
  • Sequestering Strike
  • Excoriating Call
  • Radiant Rush
Daily Powers:
  • Wings of Light
  • Dance of Flame
  • Temple of Shadow
Utility Powers:
  • Distracting Flare
  • Soul Seeker
  • River of Life
Magic Item Index:
  • G.E.M., Kiri’nith un Talhinarith Esealiah, “Light at the Heart of the World”
  • Fullblade of Oaths Fullfilled +1: Can be used as an implement for avenger powers and paragon powers. When you reduce your oath of enmity target to 0 hp or below, the next attack you make before the end of your next turn deals an additional 1d6 per plus. High Crit.
  • Iron Armbands of Power: +2 to melee damage
  • Radiant Temple Uniform: +2 to Stealth, Encounter Power: when shifting or during any power that shifts, add +1 to your shift.
  • Adventurer’s Kit
  • Mystic Salves (heal)
  • Cloth Armor (basic clothing)
  • Fine Clothing
  • Healing Potion x3
  • Jewel Crafting Kit
  • Climbing Kit
  • Misc. Jewelry from Red Caps
  • Misc. Jewelry from Lich Tomb
  • Fine dark colored Avenger clothing
  • 7523 gold

Illeith’atharia joined the ship as a refugee on the Day of Mourning. After sailing with them to safety, she decided to stay on with the crew. She often dresses in fine gray clothing; usually accented by red colored glasses and a ridiculously large sword. A small black bat is her constant companion; sometimes hiding in the hood of her cloak. Most of the time she lets others do the talking for her, preferring instead to observe quietly. It isn’t unusual for her to completely sneak away while no one is paying attention, or appear unexpectedly at odd times. Though she is an Avenger, she keeps the details of her faith to herself. Whatever-it-is occasionally strikes the crew as mildly sinister, though Illeith’atharia has always looked out for the welfare of the crew as a whole.

She rarely talks about her past, and only does so in generalities. Part of the reason she’s stayed with the crew for so long could be because none of them seem to care about her past, nor do they question her black and red eyes. The other part is likely Trish. While she is relatively friendly with the crew, she has a soft spot for the girl.

Here are a few short stories about the events that shaped Illeith’atharia’s life:


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