Dak-o-do Dak-o-da

Minotaur Barbarian (Thunderborn)


Race: Minotaur, Class: Barbarian Size: Med, Gender: Male, Alignment: Unaligned, Deity: Arawai

Ability Scores: STR 18, CON 18, DEX 11, INT 10, WIS 13, CHA 8

Initiative 1 – AC 19 – Fort 17 – Ref 12 – Will 12

Max HP 39 – Bloodied 19 – Surges/day 12 – Surge Value 9

Speed 6 – Passive Insight 12 – Passive Perception 19

Falchion attack – 9 vs AC, damage = 2D4+5 (Counts as a +1 weapon due to stone) Javelin attack – 8 vs AC, damage = 1D6+5 (Counts as a +1 weapon due to stone) Goring Charge – 9 vs AC, damage = 1d6+4 and knock prone

Race Features: Ferocity, Heedless Charge, Goring Charge, Athletics Bonus, Perception Bonus

Feats: Hide Armor Expertise, Opportunity Gore

Class / Path / Destiny Features: Barbarian Agility, Feral Might – Thunderborn Wrath, Rage Strike, Rampage Languages Known: Common

At Will Powers: Howl of Fury, Recuperating Strike

Encounter Powers: Goring Charge, War Cry, Resurgent Strike

Daily Powers: Tyrant’s Rage

Utility Power: Invigorating Presence


Dak-o-do Dak-o-da: (Nicknames – “Doc”, “Bull’s Eye”)

Dak-o-do is the only minotaur member of the crew of the Purple Jewel. His skin is pale white. Blue tattooed lines run along much of his body, including part of his face. The tattoos are almost all long lines running in parallel, forming geometric patterns. Some civilized people who have seen the tattoos have joked that they look like the layout for a hedge maze. This is not far from the truth, as Dak-o-do claims that the lines represent the labyrinth of life and are important to his tribe. What the various symbols and shapes mean or whether they represent events in his life are anyone’s guess, as Dak-o-do has not said anything further. Sailors aboard the Purple Jewel occasionally refer to him good-naturedly as “bull’s eye”, for the way the lines circle around his left eye. Some of them also have a running bet to see if anyone can figure out where the maze starts and ends…

Dak-o-do does not talk much, so the details of his past are not well known among the crew of the Purple Jewel. What is known is that Dak-o-do originally hailed from a nature-worshipping tribe in Droaam. He was cast out of his tribe for reasons that so far he was not been willing to speak of. However, on the one occasion that the sailors ever saw Dak-o-do drunk, some of the sailors claim that he spoke of a non-minotaur woman being involved. After his banishment, Dak-o-do travelled across Khorvaire as a mercenary, spending time in many of the wild frontiers where such services were highly desired. He apparently spent a significant amount of time in the Talenta Plains, but eventually left (again for reasons unknown), crossing the Ironroot and Hoarfrost mountains before coming to Lhazaar. (No one’s quite sure if he went under or over the mountains.)

Dak-o-do is known to be very soft-spoken, but hard-working and honorable. He does not show much emotion, but tends to be protective of his mates, his cat Ko-di (see below), and halflings. He also seems to have a soft spot for children, although such encounters are rare in this line of work. The only other insights into Dak-o-do’s past come from the few belongings that he keeps in his sea chest, occasionally taking them out to clean them. They include a Talenta boomerang, a digeridoo with Talenta symbols on it that he sometimes plays, a doll made of bone and leather painted to look roughly like him, and two holy symbols – one of Arawai and another of the Undying Court.

Dak-o-do has been a fixture of the Purple Jewel for several years, but spends most of his time deep below decks so some of the newer members of the crew may not even be aware of him. He is not often seen above decks (the doorways are a bit narrow for him so he prefers not to have to go back and forth). When he is, it is usually not a good sign as it means that serious muscle is needed. Few sailors have seen him in combat, and those that have seen him fully enraged prefer to keep it that way.


Dak-o-do keeps a black cat on board that he calls Ko-di. He raised Ko-di from a kitten and is very protective of him.

Ko-di mostly stays below decks, catching rodents and occasionally stealing fish. What he doesn’t eat he will often bring to Dak-o-do or deposit near his bunk. On rare occasion, he will do so for other people on board. None of the other crew are sure if this is a sign of affection or if he is just showing off.

When he is not off hunting, Ko-di will often follow Dak-o-do around, usually sticking to the shadows and finding a comfortable place to sleep until Dak-o-do moves on to another area. He has been sometimes seen above decks on those few occasions when Dak-o-do comes up top, although Ko-di has learned to stay away from the railings and does not go out into the open during bad weather. If the weather is good, he will sometimes follow Dak-o-do onto land.

At night, Ko-di can often be found sleeping on top of Dak-o-do.

The Talenta Plains and Carrin: (Not initially known by most crewmembers, although this may be revealed over time.)

As mentioned above, Dak-o-do had to leave his own tribe and ended up traveling around much of Khorvaire. He actually ended up settling for a time in the Talenta Plains, longer than anywhere else on land. (This is why his background region is the Talenta Plains.) He lived a semi-nomadic life there, after having established a peaceable co-existence with some of the local halfling tribes.

The reason Dak is particularly protective of children and halflings is because he once had an adoptive halfling son – Carrin. (Also the source of the name he gave to his crystal.) He had discovered Carrin while out hunting one day. The boy was wandering aimlessly, alone and wounded.

Dak was aware that the halfling tribes would sometimes have disputes, and occasionally fighting would break out. They might even go to war against each other, albeit rarely. Dak tried to minimize his involvement, although he did occasionally come to the aid of the tribes that he was on particularly good terms with. Typically, this involved helping in a hunt against a marauding beast, or just being present to scare off an encroaching tribe. However, there had been a few times when Dak had to actively fight against other halflings.

The tribes that Dak was familiar with in the region had already moved on for the season, so Dak took Carrin in and cared for him as best he could. Carrin eventually recovered, but was either unable or unwilling to tell what had happened to him. Dak eventually learned that there had been some fighting between a couple of small tribes in the region, and that one of them had been nearly wiped out. The surviving members had apparently scattered, and Dak was unable to locate any of them. When the larger tribes returned to the area, Carrin refused to leave Dak to go with them, and Dak did not push him on the matter.

For the next several years, Dak walked the Talenta plains with Carrin, raising him as best he could. However, one season Carrin caught an illness and died. It was after this that Dak decided to leave the Talenta Plains and headed northeast into the mountains.

Dak-o-do Dak-o-da

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