An elderly dwarf, whose battle scars reveal his old profession.


A retired paladin of the Sovereign Host, who was living in happy retirement in the Monastery of the Sundered Chain when it was invaded. The only survivor, he aided the crew by informing them of the means to seal off the last invasion path of the orcish mobs. As a thanks for saving him, Kalad invited the crew to his home in Korunda Gate, where he offered them their pick of the temple’s stockpile of unused magic. The crew promptly robbed the bank.

Kalad later confronted the crew while they were travelling on the Lightning Rail, informing them that, because he had been the one to get them into the vault, the Kundarak authorities had held him responsible for the theft. Fortunately, the situation was resolved peacefully when Trish, as the next of kin of the person whose goods had been stolen, simply paid the appropriate restitution and dropped all charges related to its theft.


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