Teron d'Cannith

A slightly shifty looking (but well dressed) man in his early thirties.


A member of House Cannith on the outs with the rest of his family after some sort of scandal a few years back, assigned to the Korunda Gate enclave as punishment. The nature of the scandal was later revealed to be the nature of his specialty: the creation of golems, particularly flesh golems. After the death of his daughter Fianna in a laboratory accident, his interest turned to an obsession, and the House sent him away to both deprive him of opportunities to pursue it and to keep him out of the public eye.

He hired the crew to obtain an uncle’s research notes from a House Kundarak vault in exchange for providing them with the means to remove a locator ritual that had been placed on their ship.

The crew later discovered that these notes, originally belonging to Darviccio d’Cannith, were related to the binding of mortal souls into magical items as control mechanisms. Shortly after the notes were delivered to him, Teron was transferred to Sharn, to work under Merrix d’Cannith.

When confronted in Sharn, he was found to have taken up Darviccio’s research in soul binding. After a fierce battle within his tower, he was killed by the crew, although he was able to activate his final defense with his last breath: a patchwork golem child wielding a tome of potent magics.

Teron d'Cannith

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