Captain Thereva

A nearly-skeletal corpse with glowing red coals for eyes, wearing a flowing but tattered robe.


Thereva was a captain in the service of Lhazaar, the woman who led the fleet which initially brought humans to Khorvaire from Sarlona. In life she was reknowned for having a silver tongue, and noted for her skill as a diplomat and keeping the colonists working mostly together.

At the end of her life, she discovered a method of singing her soul out of the world. She spent most of the intervening millenniums exploring Dolurrh, returning to Eberron only when foolish or brave explorers entered the tomb where her mortal remains were laid to rest. Invaders were treated according to her actions; those who were respectful and willing to pay her price in information were rewarded in kind and allowed to leave in peace, while those who were not soon found themselves replacing the tomb’s undead guardians.

Recently, Thereva has been convinced to allow herself to be “brought” outside of the tomb and aboard the Purple Jewel, so that she can witness the changes to the world wrought by the Last War and, perhaps, some of the more recent disturbances with planar implications.

Captain Thereva

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