Swamp-colored robot of unpleasant demeanor


Warforged Warden Warlord


Oak has been functional for approximately 31 years. He (Oak considers himself male, but blessed with a thankful dearth of troublesome genitals) was among the last of the warforged built for the Last War, which ended not long after his initial deployment. After the war, he accompanied his former (and still, in his mind) commanding officer on an ill-fated expedition into the swamps of Q’Barra, of which Oak is the lone survivor. He has never spoken of the exact circumstances of just how that came to pass, only saying “I lived because I’m inedible”.

Alone and masterless for the first time in his existence, Oak wandered the swamps and explored the natural world for many years, eventually rejoining civilization on a Cyran naval vessel under the command of Edrick Tyvran. Though not native to Cyre, he joined their navy and served for some time before the Day of Mourning, enjoying the challenge of it and finding in great joy in a life almost always on the move.

Though no longer technically under his command, Oak continues to display rock-solid loyalty to the Captain and the crew of the Purple Jewel, and is extremely protective of her crew. Even Rowen. He has also displayed a considerable mean streak toward outsiders, and is loathe to take prisoners.


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