Darviccio d'Cannith

A ghostly, severe old man.


Darviccio d’Cannith was a brilliant artificer from Cyre, who specialized in binding magic. His initial efforts led to the creation of the GEMs now in the possession of the crew, which were created by binding a sentient soul into the medium to allow it to make intelligent decisions in executing its functions. Central to this research was figuring out a means to prevent the soul from being drawn into Dolurrh.

During the course of this research, Darviccio discovered that an apocalyptic planar conjunction with Dolurrh was approaching. He rapidly set to work on a new device, designed to use a large number of souls to protect Eberron from the catastrophic effects of the strange planar alignment. The result was an enormous crystal which, when activated, stole the souls of every living creature in Cyre and used them to erect and maintain a barrier around the nation which protected the rest of the world from the planar merger.

Darviccio now exists as the central intelligence of his masterwork. His ghostly figure was last seen when he collapsed the laboratory in which the crystal is stored around him in an effort to prevent Erandis Vol from destroying it.

Darviccio d'Cannith

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