Professor Alverrick

An unassuming fellow of middle age.


Professor Alverrick is a professor of dragonmark studies at Wynarn University in Aundair. His research specifically focuses on the early days of the Dragonmarked houses and the emergence and perfection of their marks. His native country, however, is Thrane, for which he fought in part of the Last War.

The crew first met Professor Alverrick when he was a passenger on the same Lightning Rail car as they during a part of the trip in which they were repeatedly ambushed. Alverrick took things fairly in stride, which led to the crew offering adventuring services; an offer he later accepted, hiring them to help protect him while he journeyed into the Mournland to Making in search of records relating to the early history of House Cannith.

Upon arriving in Making, however, Alverrick was revealed to be a disguise; his true identity was the lich Erandis Vol.

Professor Alverrick

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