A small girl with patchwork skin.


The final creation of Teron d’Cannith, she was also the final enemy faced by the crew when invading his tower. Activated after his death, she used a magical tome to utilize a number of powerful and dangerous spells to attack. However, when her defensive barrier was broken, she fell into a deep sleep, from which she awoke with no memories of the events, or anything else.

Adopted by Illieth’atharia, she lived with her in Sharn for a few years. During this time, she was revealed not to age, although she otherwise displays signs of being alive rather than simply animate such as a need to eat and a pulse. She is a natural learner, able to master any ability she is physically capable of performing after observing it only a few times.

When the crew began to search for the necessary components to assemble their airship, Viola was left in Trish’s care in Sharn. When Trish rejoined them, she brought Viola with her. Viola now lives on the Raven’s Bounty, serving as a secondary artillery piece in case of attack.


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