Big Damn Heroes

S2, Episode 3
Into the Mournlands...

After the group exited the train, they fulfilled their obligations to Kalad and sent a message to Trish. As the rightful heir to the item that was stolen anyways, Trish merely paid off the cash required to accept the inheritance and dropped any charges that might have been against the group / Kalad. Kalad also got word back from House Kundarak as a whole, and Oak was accepted as a full member in the House.

As the group collected items to begin their journey, they were approached by the man who was stuck with them on their Lightening Rail car. The man, Professor Alverrick, was also planning a trip into the Mournlands. Seems there was some House genealogy books at House Cannith that he was interested in obtaining and he wished to hire the group to escort him there. After being paid up front, the group agreed.

Rather than skirt around the edges of the Mournlands and risk running into bandits or complications with other countries, the group decided to cut straight across what was left of Cyre to get to Making. After many days of travel through the gloomy landscape, the group was attacked by some kind of horrible burrowing undead. There was also a small side bet going on about when the group would be attacked by undead, and what KIND of undead. Ur-gyse and Oak ended up winning the pot on that one, much to the despair of Professor Alverrick who was really hoping that NO undead would attack.

After dispatching the burrowers, the group continued on and eventually found a small farm house to rest in for the night. Sadly, it was already inhabited with Shadowfell humans. After killing them, the group took a nice break for the evening…

S2, Episode 2
An ambush ambushes the ambush...

No sooner had the crew dispatched the Emerald Claw group, then what would appear but a group of dwarves led by Kalad. Apparently he was quite perturbed at the group seeing as how when they robbed the bank he was the one left to take the blame. After a great deal of negotiation, it was decided that the group would contact Trish and ask her to send back the item.

Sadly, this was not the peaceful end to the trip. Shortly after negotiations were concluded, an Eladrin burst out of invisibility, grabbed Jin, and teleported to the roof of the train. With a nod to the dwarves, the group hurried on to the roof to thrash some more enemies of the group’s beloved bard. Most of said Eladrin were hurled off of the top of the train in one fashion or another; much to the amusement of whole party. One Eladrin was knocked out and tied up.

Before the party could get to questioning him about the attack, Cirno flew to meet the group on top of the train. She declared that she would see them punished for how they brutalized her and her poor fungus minions (who savagely attacked the group and killed Ur-gyse years earlier). Having seen the power of diplomacy work on the dwarves, Jin attempted to convince the ice fae that the group wasn’t her enemy. After much debate, and much beatings to all present, Jin was successful. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the fight. Cirno declared that the group must prove that they were worthy to be Good Guys, and defeat her in battle. After much suffering and running around on an icy train roof, the group managed to bloody the fae. She declared them True Good Guys, and as a reward taught them how to Fall With Style.

When the group returned to the inside of the train car, the Dwarves were less than amused to discover that Oak was blessed with the Mark of Warding. After a little more smooth talking, Oak ( and Jin) were able to convince them that Oak could be a fantastic addition to their House.

As the group went to question the one remaining Eladrin, he fae stepped out of the train car. Having nothing else to do, the group recovered from their wounds and looted the bodies. In the mean time, Rowen was still protecting the one lone passenger who got stuck in the middle of the whole affair. The group offered the man their card, in case he ever needed the services of an adventuring group.

What remained of the train ride was carried out with a blissful lack of ambushes.

S2, Episode One
Trish gives us a job...

Sometime during the day about a year and a half after the crew scattered across the face of Eberron, the G.E.M.s lit up. Trish’s voice sounded into the minds of those who owned them. At first it appeared that she was testing it, then she expressed her meaning. She had modified the G.E.M.s to send messages to each other, though she hadn’t quite figured out how to get them to respond back. After requested a responding pulse from each person’s G.E.M., Trish explained that she had a job for the crew. With no idea of how far away everyone had spread, she just set a return date; everyone was to meet up again in six months at a cafe in Sharn. With acknowledgments from everyone, even if it was somewhat reluctant on Jin’s part, she cheerfully signed off.

Six months later, the group slowly reassembled. Illeith’atharia and Viola arrived early. The avenger’s new bat wings were wrapped around her like a cloak, and the flesh golem girl’s face was painted a uniform color. Shroeder arrived fresh from school; eye patch donned and bull whip in hand. Oak came outfitted in newly tanned black wolf pelts, accompanied by Ur-gyse the herb smoking wolf. Lemesh wandered up looking much the same as he did when he left. Jin the Jungle Drow was the last to arrive; completely outfitted in new, and more authentic, war-like accessories. He was even righteously outraged about the warforged oppression of his people…until Illeith’atharia pointed out that he’s not actually a Drow. (Jin: “Oh. Right. Nevermind.”)

While Jin and Oak exchanged stories and half-arguments, Lemesh and Illeith’atharia exchanged (somewhat edited) planar visions.

After some catching up, Trisha arrived and explained the situation. It seems she has a project that she’s working on, but she’s missing a few things. Even though she’s working with House Cannith now, apparently they only give access to certain things after members have spent a great deal of time in the House. Trish was anxious to continue with her project now. She asked the group to travel back into the Mournlands and ransack Making; the previous seat of House Cannith. The G.E.M.s, she explained, made the group uniquely suited for this endeavor, as everyone who had one would be immune to the accelerated decay the Mournlands caused. When the group asked what she was working on, she refused to say; though she did mention that it was awesome. Lemesh expressed a little bit of worry about the mysterious nature of this request, but Illeith’atharia reassured him.

Before the group left on the lightning rail, the group talked a bit about possible implications of the visions about the Planes. Jin also asked if anyone had found out anything more about the Queen of Death. Illeith’atharia promptly avoided the question by spending the next few minutes wishing Viola goodbye; Trish offered to take care of her while the group was out.

Shortly thereafter, the group was safely on the train. The first day’s travel passed relatively uneventfully. Shroeder kept herself and Jin amused by shooting lightning out the window. It didn’t take long for the train employees to request that to stop, after which Lemesh and Oak took turn distracting Jin. The second day also passed fairly uneventfully, though at this point Jin and Shroeder took to pranking the other passengers on the train. Again, it was only a short time before the train employees put a stop to this as well and Lemesh and Oak were left coming up with ways to entertain the duo.

The third day was when the other shoe dropped. Throughout the morning, cloaked individuals began filtering in the seats close to the party. As they gathered, Lemesh and Illeith’atharia began to exchange mental odds with each other. The odds were established that the group about to attack them had a 30% chance of being Lemesh’s fault, a 30% chance of being Illeith’atharia’s fault, and a 40% chance of being Jin’s fault. The odds were slightly adjusted to add in 1% – 5% for everyone else. Lemesh bet Illeith’atharia that this particular incident was Jin’s fault, while Illeith’atharia bet that it was her’s. Lemesh also bet her that Jin would kill-steal her.

As they sealed the deal with a nod, the group of cloaked individuals attacked. Despite having his head stuck out the window, Ur-gyse still managed to get the drop on the group. Regardless, three of the cloaked elven assassins moved in and managed to drop Jin before anyone else had time to act. As the fire fight began in earnest, Lemesh cheerfully declared victory in his bet. The first person to kill-steal from Illeith’atharia turned out to be Ur-gyse though, so the bet was declared a tie; each person owed the other a drink.

As the fight progressed, several interesting new facts about the group came up. Ur-gyse appeared to have a staff that could shoot humming birds, and Jin mimic-ed Shroeder so well he started to cast her (new and improved) sorceress magic. Lemesh’s eyes faded to solid blue and he flooded the train car with blue holy light, while Illeith’atharia unfurled her bat wings and trailed shadows. Oak simply seemed much much harder to hit than he once once. Rowen, who had accompanied the group, spent the fight attempting to protect the one other passenger in the train car who wasn’t attacking the group and who also didn’t have a chance to flee screaming.

As the newly reformed crew were tying up the one surviving elf that attacked them, another two groups entered on either side of the car. They were from the Emerald Claw; it seems they walked in to investigate the disturbance. The head of the group walked in, started to ask what was going on, saw the Priceless Cultural Artifacts that Jin was wearing, and promptly attacked the group. Illeith’atharia conceded that she owed Lemesh another drink. As the fighting continued, it was decided that the drinks should be distributed in succession.

After another heated battle, all of the Emerald Claw were killed and the group paused to rest again. Jin found another Priceless Cultural Artifact on their corpses to add to his growing collection…

Season Two: OVA 5
Illeith'atharia gets touched by the Divine...

((Last one…I know, I write too much. It’s a disease. I can’t help it.))

When Captain Edrick disbanded the crew and went on a massive drinking binge, Illeith’atharia decided to stay in Sharn. While she knew that people could be after her, she was confident in her ability to hide in one of the busiest cities in Khorvaire. She also decided that the little golem girl would be less noticeable in the large city as well. To no one’s surprise, Illeith’atharia cared for the little girl. Before he left, Oak took to calling her Violet, but Illeith’atharia deemed this name was far too short. She named the girl Viola’near Delinarith Luniare; Violet in the Shadow of the Moon, or Viola for short.

After about a month of drinking, Edrick sobered up and went traveling to find other survivors of Cyre. Illeith’atharia kept in close contact with Trish, often bringing Viola over for dinner. Trish went to House Cannith and became a sanctioned member of the House. She went on to work as a registered magewright.

Illeith’atharia continued to practice her crafting skills, as well as her physical abilities. Over the next several months, Illeith’atharia also spent quite a bit of time further seeking the Divinity Within. She attended the Blood of Vol services with fair frequency and helped their various charitable works throughout the city. She spent time with Viola; the girl proved to have a unquenchable thirst for information. Illeith’atharia set up a bit of a book exchange with Shroeder and Morgrave University, constantly bringing the little girl books to read.

After about a year of living there, the Blood of Vol had one of their holy days; ((insert name, I forgot it)). On this day, the blood letting ritual was slightly different. Rather than simply spilling blood and sending it to those who might need it, the blood was collected into containers, blessed, then consumed again by those who donated. This was to induce visions. As Sharn was quite a large city and there were many Blood of Vol members in town, there were many service times to choose from. Illeith’atharia went to the one held by the High Priest. Though the High Priest was a member of the undead, a mummy in fact, he had proven his sincerity of faith to Illeith’atharia; which was why she felt comfortable being noticed there.

She was organized into her circle for the ritual; it would be the first time in 80 years that she had tasted another’s blood. Situated next to her were a variety of other people; a cleric or two, a couple members of the Emerald Claw, and even a vampire. They all drank, and Illeith’atharia fell into a trance.

In her vision, she drifted away from her body. It was similar to her normal daily trances, but she drifted up and away. She saw her home, the fey spire she grew up in, alive and verdant with life as it was when she was a child. She saw the slow dark mists of the mournland fill it; everything decayed. It was like watching the flip of a coin. She seemed to move up and away, and saw the mists fill Cyre, turning it truly into the Mournlands. She saw it creep outward, and cover all of Eberron in empty decay.

Her vision expanded, and she saw three different worlds; Eberron flanked by two others. Great skeletal hands encompassed them and pushed them together to form one world. The great hands turned into flesh rather than bone and Illeith’atharia saw that they belonged to a woman. The woman was pale as the snow and had pointed ears, though Illeith’atharia couldn’t tell if she was an elf or a half elf. The woman’s face was in shadow, and great dragon wings stretched out from her back.

Illeith’atharia’s viewpoint turned, and she saw the woman’s back; it was covered with a huge black mark. The wings turned to bone and the mark seemed to glow and shrink. It changed from black to purple to blue, and then a lancing light went into Illeith’atharia; a searing burning sensation on her collarbone. At which point Illeith’atharia snapped awake.

Everyone around her was in a trance; no one else had woken up yet. The High Priest was moving from circle to circle, collecting the ritual implements. Illeith’atharia felt the burning on her collarbone, and snuck a quick look down her shirt. A glowing dragonmark was there; the same one from her vision. A mark that she had never seen before. She felt woozy and off balance. The High Priest saw her and was puzzled about her awakening. Apparently she had only been tranced for about 10 minutes; the average is an hour or more. Illeith’atharia helped the priest pick up the remaining implements, and then waited for the vast majority of people to leave.

Eventually she got a chance to speak with the High Priest in private. She told him about her vision, and showed him the mark. He informed her that the mark she bore hasn’t been seen on living flesh for centuries. He told her a brief version of the tale she already knew; that the House of Vol had been eliminated several hundred years earlier. With some hesitation, he told her that one of the members of that house had been resurrected after death. Lest her enemies find her again, knowledge of this individual is kept very secret. Even her name is left unknown; she is only called the Queen of Death. The Queen lives on in Illimara Castle, on the Isle of Farlnen in the Lhazaar principalities.

Worried about what this might mean, Illeith’atharia debated for a moment about attempting to visit the Queen. The High Priest offered to find out if he could arrange a meeting, as well as search for answers about the mark among the other high ranking members of the Blood. He also asked her to visit again should anything else unusual come up. Reassured, Illeith’atharia left to go to Trisha’s place for dinner. The sense of wooziness continued, even though the High Priest said it was only an after effect of the ritual. Trish offered to check her out, but Illeith’atharia demurred.

That night, she awoke from her regular trance screaming in pain. A horrible burning sensation spread across her back and continued on into the next day. Small nubs began to form; these soon turned into thin limbs with skin hanging off of them. Illeith’atharia spent the day in alternating bouts of writhing pain and exhausted itching. Viola spent the day worried out of her mind, attempting to do what she could to easy the Eladrin.

By the end of the day, the pain had slowed to a stop, and Illeith’atharia had sprouted large bat wings out of her back. After some experimentation, Illeith’atharia and Viola went to go see Trish, who seemed just as amazed as the two of them were about the whole thing. After a day or two, Illeith’atharia went to go see the High Priest again. He seemed quite surprised to see her so soon; though once they had a private moment she showed him the wings and the reason for her visit was explained. He assured her that such a think is not unheard of among the more militant of the Blood; it is a manifestation of the Divinity Within. He related some amusing anecdotes of others with this rare gift; Illeith’atharia was quite relieved.

Thus reassured, Illeith’atharia happily went home to celebrate with Viola and Trish. She spent much of the rest of her time in Sharn doing the same as she was before her vision…only perhaps a bit more carefully. She also began attempting to divine uses for her new Mark, though she had very little luck. Things continued on until Trish called everyone back to Sharn…

Season Two: OVA 4
Lemesh on a journey of truth...

((Must…remember…ah gawd…my mind!))

Mightily disturbed by the implications of Dolurrh invading Eberron proper, and also possibly worried about fall out from the whole thing with Teron d’Cannith, Lemesh went on a pilgrimage to find out whatever he could about the planer incursions. His wanderings took him all over Khorvaire; though much of his time was spent in Breland and Thrane. Travel was slow due to the fact that he spent most of his time wandering around on foot. Even though he had a nice stack of gold lying around, old habit’s die hard and wandering incognito is always better than flamboyantly.

He moved from city to city, temple to temple, starting with some of the more obscure places. Information gathered on the planes in one place was cross reference with the information found in another. Stacks and stacks of research notes began to accumulate, and still progress moved on at a glacial pace. From time to time he would exchange correspondence with Illeith’atharia.

Eventually his wanderings took him to Flamekeep, the capital of Thrane. In the main temple for this city rested the actual Silver Flame; pilgrims were everywhere, all eager to worship at this most holy of temples. Per his normal routine, Lemesh begged access to the temple’s archives in exchange for a small donation to the church.

They led him deep into the temple, into a little cell to work in. There he laid out his research and began copying. There was so much material there that he was forced to come back several days; not a terribly unusual situation. When the temple closed for the evening, he continued his work back at his inn room. After many long hours of writing and study, he fell asleep on his notes.

Lemesh dreamed.

In his dream he was a floating light, drifting on the far edge a ball. The ball was composed of many tiny lights, but the core of the ball was seething darkness. As he looked upon it, one part of his soul seemed to think, “Ahh, home.” A short ways away, he could see Eberron; a planet suspended in space. Other orbs floated around his dark-within-light ball and Eberron; some of them shined with brilliance. Tendrils from these great shining orbs floated down to Lemesh and his dark-within-light ball, as well as Eberron. The tendrils felt good; as if they were a safety net that comforts as well as secures.

Two of the orbs collided with each other; one was made of gray death, the other of verdant green life. Their slow merging created a single imperfect orb; this lopsided thing spun around Eberron out of control. The bright orbs above began to slowly move away from Lemesh’s ball and Eberron. Some of the tendrils began to disengage themselves. Some of the bright orbs above sent out more tendrils to reconnect with Eberron. These were smashed aside by the spinning glob of life and death.

As Lemesh looked on, he could feel the tendrils attaching him with one of the bright distant orbs. He reached out, grabbed one, and pulled it closer. The little tendril became a thick rope of light as power surged into him. He awoke on his notes, with the feeling of power still sizzling through his body.

Lemesh continued his study and wanderings, and the sense of sizzling power stayed with him. Eventually, Trish contacted the group for a job, and he found himself heading back to Sharn…

Season Two: OVA 3
Adventures of Jin: Jungle Drow...

((Once again, remembered to the best of my ability…))

Knowing that his number was up if he stayed in Sharn, Jin went to discover his rich cultural roots…in Xen’drik…with the drow. Disguised as ‘Mixie’ the drow barbarian, Jin made his way to the jungles in the south. Upon arriving in Stormreach, he quickly put his master plan into effect…

He began wandering in the jungle, hoping to stumble across some drow. Mostly he stumbled across vicious vicious jungle creatures that wanted to kill and eat him. He loudly and valiantly (sometimes barely) fended them off, hoping to impress any drow that might be watching with how warlike he was. Eventually he did run into a raiding party; this particular group belonged to the Vulkoor.

Being the loyal minion of the Traveler that he is, Jin explained to them how he used to live in Xen’drik. But a long time ago, his parent’s raiding party was attacked by adventurers; everyone else was killed, but he was shipped off to the north as a curiosity. He was raised in the northern lands, but always wanted to return home. Eventually he slipped his bonds and murdered his way back to his people.

The drow bought it; hook, line, and sinker.

‘Mixie’ was taken back ‘home’ and soon became a regular part of the raiding parties. The Vulkoor taught ‘her’ all about their rich cultural heritage, and soon Jin found himself leading raiding parties into the jungle.

After a year or so of this sort of thing happening (time flows weird in Xen’drik), Jin’s raiding party came across a lone wanderer in the woods. The man was unarmed and carried a rather obvious sack of gold. As he casually strolled through the wild growth, he occasionally glanced around…and just happened to look over spots where drow were hiding. Occasionally the man would bemoan how lost he was; pleas that left Jincompletely unconvinced. Even though Jin sensed this might be a trap, he ordered the drow to attack. They quickly took the man captive. The whole time, Jin couldn’t help but think this guy was allowing himself to be caught. Before he was gagged, the man mentioned something about his family paying very well to see him back home safely.

They took the man to their camp, and Jin began interrogating him…sort of. Using his supreme command of innuendo, he really began questioning the man about what exactly was going on. The stranger caught on immediately, and was happy to play along. The conversation went something like this:

“Tell me the name of your family, or I will feed you to dragons!” Ok, who are you? Are you a dragon?

“Oh god no! Please! Why would you do that to a poor wanderer!” (sense of amusement) No. I’m just a wanderer.

“Tell me now or I start cutting off fingers!” Why are you really here?

“Oh please, don’t hurt me! My family’s name is Lamont! I was just out for a little vacation and I got lost! Please, I don’t want any trouble!” Meh, I thought it might be fun

“You got trouble the moment you wandered through our jungle; it’s only fair we should take a little tax on your wandering.” Alright, I guess that’s fair.

“Ah Gods! You’re cruel! What are you going to do with me?” What about you? Why are you here?

“This little vacation spot is our home, and we’re protecting it from stupid travelers like yourself. You thought you could just stop around through our beautiful forest and get out with out reprisal? FOOL!” Pretty much the same thing. They guys are fun to scam. You’re gonna sneak out sometime in the night, aren’t you.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!” Yeah, pretty much.

“You’re not sorry! You just thought we wouldn’t catch you!” Yeah, that’s what I would do too.

“Please, what are you going to do with me now? I don’t want to die! My family will pay for my safety!” You know, this is a nice set up you got runnin’ here; but really, you’re thinkin’ too small.

“Is that so? Well about how much would they pay?” What do you mean?

“The finest of clothing and jewelry, anything a noble family might have, or anything you might want! I bet you need more than just goods, what about services? Servants to do your labor for you maybe? Anything you want, just please don’t hurt me!” Well, you’re already stealing their faces and their heritage, why not steal their abilities too?

“Servants you say? That has some appeal…” You can DO that?!

“Oh yes, just please don’t kill me!” Un huh.

“Where is your family located? I’ll ring every last copper piece out of them!!” How do I get started?

“I’ll tell you everything you need to know! Oh God, my poor family!” Just got to practice.

The conversation continued for a while, and in the end the stranger did disappear in the middle of the night. He did leave a pot of gold behind when he left, much to the confusion of the rest of the drow. With the new idea planted in his head, Jin spent the next year or two working out how to steal abilities from his drow raiding party. Eventually he got the hang of it. He was just starting to pick up the knack for the drow boomerang when Trish called everyone home…

Season Two: OVA 2
Oak and Ur-gyse go for a walk...

((Disclaimer: This is remembered to the best of my ability. Please fill in any blanks!))

Oak’s original plan involved staying in Sharn with Edrick and Trish. However, it didn’t take long for Ur-gyse to decide he needed to go on a trip…and he asked Oak for help. So per his stoic nature, Oak went along with the half orc for what would become a crazy adventure.

Ur-gyse wanted to go back home, to the Eldeen Reaches. In order to get there, Ur-gyse transformed both himself and Oak into small animals, so that they could sneak onto a lightning rail. Oak discovered that breathing, eating, and defecating was one of the more miserable things he had ever felt. The lightning rail workers discovered that they had stowaways. After a month or so of enforced labor, to work off their rail tickets, the two finally reached Lake Galifar. They promptly began swimming across it. It took so long that local fisherman created an urban legend about a man swimming across the lake; never stopping, never slowing. Once they got into the Eldeen Reaches, they encountered a number of different druid factions. After some rocky starting relations, Oak ‘befriended’ them all to death.

Eventually they made it to the druid city of (blah) where the most ancient elder druid (whoever) lived. Ur-gyse and Oak requested an audience with the giant tree, and actually got it. Representatives from all the factions of druids awaited there in the great tree’s court, and even a few Eladrin were present. The great tree welcomed them to his court, and Ur-gyse began to explain their adventures leading up to this point. After several minutes of stories with little chronological sense, Oak stepped in and explained everything as if reciting a military report. At the end, Ur-gyse made a plaintive plea to the tree for a druidic promotion, mentioning how proud his mom would be. Oak promptly stared at him incredulously, “This is why we are here? Why we went all this way?”

After a moment of thought, the great tree stated that he had no control over the hierarchy that the various druidic groups employed. The tree did state that their exploits were worthy of recognition, and they had the tree’s personal gratitude. They indeed have helped make the world a better place, and have fought the Dark valiantly. As all the other druids in the room looked on with newly found respect, Ur-gyse jumped up and down with joy. He and Oak then went to see Ur-gyse’s parents, who were in fact very very proud.

Over the next year or so, Ur-gyse and Oak stayed in the Eldeen Reaches and helped out the druids there. Ur-gyse was already a member of the Gatekeepers, but after a while Oak decided to join them too.

During a Spring celebration, some of the other druids invited Oak and Ur-gyse up to the tops of the trees to celebrate like real druids and see the sunrise on the first day of Spring. Being unwilling to pass up a party, Ur-gyse agreed. Being uninterested in actually talking to people, Oak was already working his way up the tree before the druids finished talking. They climbed. And climbed. And climbed. They went up so far that they actually passed the clouds. When they reached the very tops of the trees, the view was breathtaking, for those who actually breath. There was drinking and joking and a few brave souls jumping from branch to branch.

As the first morning’s rays broke over the horizon, a large dark storm cloud began to build in the distance. The rate at which it was moving toward the celebrating druids was alarming, as was the little shocks of lightning that flew from cloud to cloud. As the storm was right beneath Oak and Ur-gyse, Ur-gyse suggested they climb down a little to get a better look at the storm, “It would be so awesome, all the clouds, and lightning, and, dude, I am so wasted…”

Oak just shook his head and agreed. The two climbed down, and were promptly electrocuted by a massive bolt of lightning. By some strange miracle, they weren’t killed; though they did catch fire a little. Even more impressive, the tree around them didn’t catch fire at all. They both noted that the lightning seemed to fill them; though Ur-gyse assumed that this was just another side effect of the party favors.

The rest of their time in the Eldeen Reaches passed with out note. Future movements through the forests produced a significantly fewer encounters with druids ready to kill them; apparently word of the great tree’s personal approval had spread. The two of them stayed in the forests until Trish called everyone together again…

Season Two: OVA
Shroeder's Tale...

((Some of this may be a bit fuzzy, so please add in any missing details!))

When the crew of the Purple Jewel broke up, Shroeder decided to go to school. She made a deal with Professor Gregorio of Morgrave University; she would help him with his research and he would help her find more out about the Draconic Prophecy. As his assistant, Shroeder was pleased to add a bull whip and hat to her gear, giving her the adventurer / pirate look. While not out and about helping the Professor, Shroeder blasted her way through the fast track to a degree from the University.

Professor Gregorio’s specialty is the Draconic Prophecy. Rather than interpreting it, he spends most of his time cataloging it. Over the course of the next two years, Shroeder and Professor Gregorio visited a number of interesting places in their quest to collect and organize all traces of the Prophecy. Somewhere along the way, they visited Shroeder’s home town. Shroeder’s home village was filled with humans. As a natural sorceress, her tendency to blow things up wasn’t well received. While people did recognize her in the village, her reception was tepid.

When they reached the caves, they discovered a number of very old markings; most of them talking about the Child of Storms. It spoke of an Avatar of Storms, an angel, that would walk among men and bring forth a child. As the duo searched the cave, they notice a secret door. Inside was a small barrow. A slightly raised dais was covered with a cloth; beautifully embroidered storm clouds covered the fabric. Underneath appeared to be a halfling size body. The walls of the caves where covered in minerals; minerals that had pushed themselves through the bedrock to spell out parts of the Draconic Prophecy. The walls spoke more about the Child of Storms.

As Shroeder swept the cloth off of the body, an electrical jolt moved from the fabric to her. Professor Gregorio wisely decided to watch this whole unveiling from afar. Underneath the cloth was a halfling woman; one that bore a striking resemblance to Shroeder. Professor Gregorio remarked that everything in this room seemed quite recent; probably done in the last 20 years or so. As Shroeder moved to cover the halfling again with the cloth, she gently brushed the body. When she did this, and enormous surge of lightning moved out of the body and into her.

After a few moments of stunned silence, Shroeder declared it was time for a rest room break. The two of them went back to town and began asking about the body. After some uncomfortable looks, Shroeder was told to go talk to her parents. Somewhat resigned, this is what the duo did. When Shroeder asked them about the body, the real history of what happened poured out. The halfling in the tomb was Shroeder’s biological mother. She had wandered into town near the end of her pregnancy and delirious with pain; electricity shocks during the labor killed her. Shroeder’s adopted parents interred the halfling woman in the barrows and then raised Shroeder as their own. They always worried that the lightning would hurt Shroeder just like it did her real mother, which is why they were always worried about her using her powers.

With many questions answered, and many more raised in their stead, Shroeder and Professor Gregorio made their way back to Sharn. Shroeder’s feeling of being filled with lightning never really went away. Over the next several months, Shroeder finished her degree; she completed the course requirements with ease. Occasionally she would meet up with Illeith’atharia for lunch. As it happens, she was in town already when Trisha called everyone back…

Season Finale: Part Two
We didn't need that tower anyways...

(( This is all as well remembered as possible, feel free to update if I messed up stuff)) ((Like I did))

The crew rounded up the stairs and peeked into the last room, empty but for two golems on either corner standin gon rasied sections, with the far corner’s dias obscured by curtans. As Oak looked out of the hallway, Teron d’Cannith walked out from behind the curtian reading a book. Slowly he closed it and looked up, then welcomed the motley crew. The House Cannith scion was at the far end of the room, standing in front of the small raised dias hidden by curtans. Teron mentioned how the group had some items that belonged to him, and pointed at the G.E.M in Oak’s neck. Oak promptly assured him that he merely found the item, and thus it was his now. Teron asked Oak “where did you find them?” Oak’s was forced to admin “In the chest…that we forced open..”. A little more small talk was passed back and forth before Teron declared that the crew could be of assistance in ‘completing’ the G.E.M.S. Jin took the implied theft of his soul a might personal.

When Jin moved to teach Teron the meaning of ‘emotional trauma’, the artificer tossed the book he was holding behind a nearby curtain in a corner and prepared to fight. Shortly after that, the whole crew was in the room and trying to not get bludgeoned to death by the golems. Illeith’atharia went for Teron while Oak, Lemesh, and Ur-gyse went for the golems. Shroeder blasted everything in the room while Jin happily lavished on the verbal punishment to all who deserved it…which was pretty much everyone.

As Illeith’atharia laid the killing blow on Teron, he teleported back to the corner with the curtain. Smearing some of his own blood on something behind it, he said, “I leave it for you to take care of,” and then died. At which point a voice came from behind the curtain, “Acknowledged. Defensive protocol activated.”

A rumbling of pure power shook the tower and everything in the room was blasted out the windows. The tower itself cracked at the base and quickly began tumbling to it’s doooom, with the crew and the golems desperately clinging to the side. A cry of “Oh no, not again.” was heard. After ‘landing’ on the tower that was falling impossibly slow, a flash of red radiant light pushed one of the golems off the side of the tower, but the other had to be slowly beaten to pieces by the group, seemlingly never running out of endless bone shards splintering the battered group. In the mean time, Jin and Ur-gyse worked on magic-ing together little parts of the tower to save the crew from the fall.

After the last golem was murdered, a small horde of robot spiders swarmed over the group. Oak stowed his shield and grabbed Jin to keep him from slipping off the rotating tower. Once all the spiders were taken care of, Lemesh clung to Illeith’atharia to keep from slipping off as well. Just before they were dashed to pieces on the unforgiving ground, the magic bubble that Jin and Ur-gyse made popped around them and broke their fall.

While the crew floated down into the dustcloud which was obscuring the corpose of the fallen tower, a little girl floated down as well, only noticed when the dust had cleared and the crew was getting ready to ‘legg it’. The little girl was made of stitched up body parts and had glowing red eyes. A book floated in front of her with the draconic rune for “Knowledge” in a stone on it. Four small crystals floated around her and created a force field protecting her. “Initial efforts were insufficient. Secondary defenses activated.” The book opened and she began reading rhymes out of it…huge blast waves of destructive power would shortly follow each rhyme.

Initially the crew considered running, which Jin promptly took too. However Oak and [[:6144 | Schroeder] had other plans and approached the crystals while Illeith’atharia circled around back of some of the wreckage. Shroeder figured out that the crystals could be disabled using Arcane mastry, and once again provedShroeder proved her arcane superiority by working on deactivating the crystals, joined initially by Lemesh and then Jin as Lemesh desperately tried to keep everyone alive while dodgeing gigantic explosions that seemed to always hit him extra hard.Illeith’atharia, Oak, and Ur-gyse simply tried to bash, crush, lightning and bite the crystals apart. After the first one was destroyed and a second deactivated, a terrible blast wave hit the whole group…causing most of the melee to wonder about the wisdom of breaking more crystals. Still, between all of them, the force field came down.

Every time a crystal was destroyed or deactivated, the little girl’s eyes grew dimmer. Once the last one was smashed, she collapsed. Illeith’atharia took charge of the girl, everyone else looted everything they could, and Jin wrote “Lyle Garvan was here” on the base of the tower. They all quickly fled.

While the vast bulk of the crew went back to see Captain Edrick, hopefully to get the hell out of Sharn, Illeith’atharia took the unconscious golem girl and looked for a place to hide. She found a soup kitchen for the Blood of Vol; the head of the establishment there was kind enough to supply the avenger with a bolt hole to rest in.

The rest of the crew found Edrick...drunk off his ass at an inn with Trisha. It seems that the Purple Jewel had been repossessed by it’s original owner; Aleya Sindrain’s father. After sending a message to Lemesh’s House Cannith contacts, the group went to find Illeith’atharia.

Illeith’atharia had spent her time tending the child, who was feverish, and reading Teron d’Cannith’s research notes. His notes were added into the old book of Darviccio’s notes.

The Notes: Darviccio’s research started with binding elementals; not an unusual practice. After much work he realized they were monstrously problematic to work with. He then came to the conclusion that binding souls into them would work much better. So he started working on that, and it turns out they did do better. He also started working on protecting those souls from going to Dolurrh, which was when he realized that Dolurrh was breaking into our plane. He began researching ways to make the stones protect from such out breaks. He even calculated a massive outbreak of Dolurrh…he last marking was shortly before the Day of Mourning. He also began working with souls of Marked individuals. He created the last bunch of stones with those who were dragon marked. Somewhere in the notes, something about “Taper’s group” was mentioned.

Teron picked up those notes where Darviccio left off. Much of this was retracing old steps to figure out what was done. He goes on to say how he traded some of the information of Darviccio’s research to Merrix in exchange for funding. He also notes that he needs the last group of shards Darviccio made in order to continue with his work…and he just might know where to get them.

When the crew met back up together, Illeith’atharia showed them the book and relayed the information inside. As they were discussing what to do with the girl, she woke up…with no memory of what happened or who she was. Against several objections from the rest of the crew (mostly Jin ), Illeith’atharia gave the girl a very brief explanation of what happened, and gave the girl back her magic book. After no violence ensued and the girl mostly expressed confusion, Illeith’atharia stated that she would protect the girl from who ever might harm her ((so cute!!)).

At which point the group went back to figuring out what to do now that the Purple Jewel was gone. The general consensus was for everyone to lay low until the Captain sobered up and figured out what he was going to do about getting a new boat.

Oak decided to stay with Trish and the Captain in Sharn. Shroeder decided to do some research at Morgrave University; perhaps look up the draconic prophecy. Illeith’atharia also decided to stay in Sharn; her plans involved caring for the little golem girl and laying low. There was some talk of her and Lemesh spending some time together touring some temples, but after some thought this was discarded. Lemesh decided to go do his tour of temples anyways, and Ur-gyse flew away to go do druid-y things. Jin quickly departed for Zen’drick to go get in touch with his True Drow Nature.

After one last good bye, the crew of the Purple Jewel scattered to the winds…

Season Finale: Part One
A City of Towers...

The Purple Jewel arrived at Sharn with no further difficulty. As the boat was being checked into dock, the liaison for the harbor passed along a couple of letters to the crew. Lemesh received an envelope from his contacts in House Cannith; it contained further information about Teron d’Cannith’s tower in Sharn as well as a key. Captain Edrick also received a letter. Shortly after that he left the boat, though he wouldn’t say why. While he did mention that it was nothing to worry about, Shroeder loudly disbelieved him. Not wanting to press their luck, the crew left the captain to his business and went about their way selling the Lich’s treasure.

After quite a long walk up through the city, the crew arrived at the University with a ton of priceless cultural artifacts in tow. Negotiation and inspection went on for a while before a suitable price was agreed upon. The crew ended up with a note of credit for 44,000 gold pieces. Split amongst those involved, each person’s share was 7,333g. Shroeder kept Ur-gyse’s gold for safe keeping.

While the rest of the crew was out shopping, Illeith’atharia found a good spot to sit and watch Teron d’Cannith’s tower for a while. There were only two entrances, both of which were only reachable by crossing a small bridge over a very very long drop. There was a warforged at each door; no one went in, and no one went out.

Illeith’atharia returned to the crew and relayed her information. The next two hours were spent discussing how the group could possibly get inside. Illeith’atharia favored simply walking up to the door and asking for entrance. Her theory was they would get jumped shortly after entering, but at least they wouldn’t be thrown off the tower. Also, it was bound to be a death trap anyways, so they might as well just go in and get it over with. Jin was in favor of sneaking or bluffing their way in. Perhaps just having him go in as reconnaissance and the rest of the group following later.

In the end, Jin conceded to follow along with the “get’em ray” plan simply so they could get to actually doing something. The group walked up to the door and asked the warforged there to knock. He did. Nothing happened. After a moment, they asked how they could make an appointment with the master of the house; he promptly ushered them inside.

Several warforged were hanging out around the first floor; which was just a single room with stairs. After a moment, the inhabitants of the tower drew their swords and attacked (to the utter lack of surprise of every one on the crew). There were so many dangerous chemicals stored in the room, that the enemy warforged frequently found themselves doused in alchemist fire or acid. Oak seemed to have a good deal of fun pushing various opponents into boxes of sharp metal objects as well.

After clearing the first floor, the crew cautiously moved up to the second. There rested what looked like a large flesh golem bound with steel cables. As Jin stepped into the room to investigate, he set off a lightning trap. Not only did the trap shock him, but it also powered the lightning coils next to the golem…which promptly sprung to life after the trap was set off. The metal bindings that appeared to be on him turned out to actually be just metal snake constructs.

The next several minutes were spent killing the snakes, dodging the rampaging flesh golem, and getting shocked by more lightning traps. Eventually though, the crew prevailed. Illeith’atharia did insist on bagging a few of the metal snake corpses for Trish to bring to life again to guard her clothes closet.

Once the second floor was cleared, the crew moved up to the third…


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