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  • Trisharia "Trish" Tyvran d'Cannith

    A refugee from Cyre, Trish was one of the original passengers of the _Purple Jewel_. Trish is Edrick's adopted daughter, who he took in after her "handler" severed her arm in an attempt to preserve her mark along with a case she was carrying. Her real …

  • Teron d'Cannith

    A member of House Cannith on the outs with the rest of his family after some sort of scandal a few years back, assigned to the Korunda Gate enclave as punishment. The nature of the scandal was later revealed to be the nature of his specialty: the …

  • Gordon d'Cannith

    Gordon d'Cannith is the head of the Cannith enclave in Korranberg. Because his particular portion of the house opposes Merrix's claims to leadership, he hired the crew to look into Teron's transfer to Sharn, and deal with him as appropriate.

  • Darviccio d'Cannith

    Darviccio d'Cannith was a brilliant artificer from Cyre, who specialized in binding magic. His initial efforts led to the creation of the GEMs now in the possession of the crew, which were created by binding a sentient soul into the medium to allow it to …