Purple Jewel

The Purple Jewel is a modest caravel of Cyran design, designed for carrying cargo and a few passengers beyond its full crew complement. Its name derives from Cyre’s nickname: “the purple jewel in the crown of Galifar,” and was rechristened after that country’s destruction. It is captained by Edrick Tyvran.

Although Trish does her best to keep the ship afloat, it has seen better days, and often seems in danger of sinking in spite of her application of magecraft. Still, the ship provides a welcome breath of freedom to its inhabitants, who have their own reasons to remain aboard.

The Purple Jewel was a civilian craft called the Edge of Twilight before the Day of Mourning. Its former Captain was Aleya Sindrain, and its former primary point of call was Sharn, in Breland. It was commandeered by Edrick to help with the evacuation of refugees from Seaside, but its captain died before it reached safety.

More recently, Aleya’s father reclaimed the ship while it was in Sharn, and returned it to its proper place as a part of the Lyrander fleet.Nina caravel

Purple Jewel

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