Big Damn Heroes

Episode One: Avant

Where the Captain finds us a new nemesis

The crew, having stopped at Edgeport to take on supplies found themselves having to rush getting everything on board when Captain Edrick Tyvran came running up to them, putting his belt on and carrying a suspicious bag. Behind him, he was being chased by the wizard Lyle Garvan and a group of thugs (...or city guards.) The crew, used to this (Ur-gyse even muttered “not again” as they prepared to defend themselves) bludgeoned everyone into unconsciousness. Lyle mentioned something about his apprentice which left the crew with little allusions as to what his beef with the Captain was, so the crew chose to leave everyone unconscious, grab the rest of their goods, and hoof it out of port before the city guard showed up to murder them all.

Once on board, the Captain revealed that his business with Lyle Garvan (as opposed to his business with Lyle’s apprentice) involved acquiring a box of some sort of magic dust, which he had Jin deliver to Trisha “Double T” Tyvran.



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