Druid of going in head-first


Ur-gyse, level 14

Half-Orc, Druid

Primal Aspect: Primal Predator

Background: Half-Orc – Stormtouched (+2 to Nature)


Str 11, Con 13, Dex 19, Int 11, Wis 22, Cha 11.


Str 8, Con 11, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 10.

AC: 29 Fort: 21 Reflex: 25 Will: 27

HP: 90 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 22


Nature +20, Perception +18 (+23 in beast form), Endurance +14, Dungeoneering +18, Heal +18


Acrobatics +10, Arcana +7, Bluff +7, Diplomacy +7, History +7, Insight +13, Intimidate +9, Religion +7, Stealth +10, Streetwise +7, Thievery +10, Athletics +6


Druid: Ritual Caster

Level 1: Skill Focus (Perception) (retrained to Hunting Wolf Form at level 11)

Level 2: Mark of Storm

Level 4: Warrior of the Wild

Level 6: Enraged Boar Form

Level 8: Patient Hunter

Level 10: Thirst For Battle

Level 11: Stampede

Level 12: Implement Expertise (Staff)

Level 14: Seize the Moment


Druid at-will 1: Savage Rend (retrained to Swarming Locusts at Level 8)

Druid at-will 1: Storm Spike

Druid at-will 1: Pounce

Druid encounter 1: Darting Bite (retrained to Thorn Spray at Level 9)

Druid daily 1: Lightning Arc

Druid utility 2: Warding Wind (retrained to Fleet Pursuit at Level 7)

Druid encounter 3: Call Lightning

Druid daily 5: Roar of Terror

Druid utility 6: Black Harbinger

Druid encounter 7: Tremor

Druid daily 9: Form of the Primeval Raptor

Druid utility 10: Animal Shapes

Druid encounter 13: Floating Death (replaces Tremor)


Ritual Book, Magic Quarterstaff +1, Green Stone (That Which Watches), Climber’s Kit (2), Magic Darkhide Armor +1, Claw Gloves (heroic tier), Horn, Lantern, Sunrod (8), Adventurer’s Kit, Boots of Adept Charging (heroic tier), Cincture of the Githzerai (heroic tier), Davros Elden’s Aerial Step (paragon tier), Potion of Healing (heroic tier) (3)


Animal Messenger, Purify Water, Affect Normal Fire, Endure Elements, Enhance Vessel, Summon Winds, Water Walk, Feat of Strength, Water’s Gift, Ironwood, Snare, Commune With Nature, Call Wilderness Guide, Eagle’s Flight, Control Weather, Clear the Path



Dirt, mud and mysterious stains cake and dishevel this (relatively) middle-aged half-orc’s clothes, hide armor, skin, and prodigious body hair. His facial hair is unevenly shaved, as if the blade just gave up on trying a third of the way through. He carries a overstuffed pack with sunrods and herbs nearly falling out of it. His quarterstaff is a large, gnarled, rough and pointy stick of dark wood. Various foul smells waft up from beneath the hide, including but not limited to: body odor, sulfur, persimmon, alcohol, rotted meat, wet fur and decaying vegetable matter.

When Ur-gyse changes shape, it is usually a transformation of the upper half of his body, the rest remaining half-orc. His head becomes beaked and bird-like, while his hands become clawed talons, and finally, wings sprout from his back. The air currents and wind conditions are rarely ideal for any flight, however, they are useful at providing swift bursts of speeds ideal for charging. As he has grown more experienced, this form is becoming more and more an amalgamation of various bird species, that seems to shift and change freely.


“In the Navy, yes, you can sail the seven seas. In the Navy, yes, you can put your mind at ease. In the Navy, come on now people, make a stand. In the Navy, can’t you see we need a hand. In the Navy, come on, protect the motherland. In the Navy, come on and join your fellow, man. In the Navy, come on, people, and make a stand. In the Navy, in the Navy. They want you! They want you! They want you as a new recruit!”

That little ditty was all that was needed to lead the disheveled 29-year old half-breed to become a long time shipmate on the Purple Jewel. After spending half of his life with his druidic family, Ur-gyse knew he had to go out in the world and find his own destiny. As he wandered, Ur-gyse found it too difficult to assimiliate into a more urban life, and he figured the open sea and the occasional port town would be as close as it gets.

Ur-gyse enjoys long walks on the deck, and trying to get Captain Tyvran out of trouble more than he gets Captain Tyvran wrapped up into. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does it is usually an outburst of declaration (“I want gold! I want booze! I need herbs! There’s swamp kitties about to jump on us! Go this way, I saw a path!”). He won’t object to going onto dry land when something needs to get done, but it has ended in a fist-(claw?)fight more than a few times. Most of the time, even when its not his shift, he can be found in the crow’s nest, watching the water and the sky.


Pounce: A charging rush of wings and claws distract the opponent.

Storm Spike: Roiling miniature bolts of lightning chase the opponent across the ground.

Swarming Locusts: Swarm of bees shoot forth from Ur-gyse’s maw.

Call Lightning: A small storm cloud of roiling noise and lightning appears above the area.

Thorn Spray: Ur-gyse’s staff shoots out a barrage of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bee_hummingbird

Lightning Arc: Twin lightning bolts emerge from Ur-gyse’s upraised staff.

Roar of Terror: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33DWqRyAAUw

Form of the Primeval Raptor: Six-winged, six-foot high, six-foot wingspan, bird of prey.

Floating Death: Razor-sharp glinting feathers shoot out in all directions from Ur-gyse’s wings.

CREATURES EATEN: (Note: not comprehensive) Deathjump Spider, Emerald Claw Soldier, Fel Taint, Fire Beetle, Hobgoblin Fleshcrafter, Orc Freak, Orog, Sahuagin Priest, Spriggan GiantSoul, Swamp Jaguar, Zombie Adventurer, Arctide Runespiral Demon, Redspawn Firebelcher, Carrion Tribe Plaguebearer

A Letter from Ur-gyse to his mom (level 18): DEER mom, TANKS 4 DA HAT. IT WIL HALP ME BECUZ ITS TUFF SAYVING D WORLD. DATS BECUZ LOTS MORE TALKIN DEN I XPECTED INVOLVD, lucky i dont need 2 do dat 2 much, d othur peeples do dat beter. I AM LERNING MANY TINGS FROM MY GUD FRIENDZ. i lerned how 2 SUCK BLUD and use it 2 HEEL myselfs from ElfyARRa. i lern how 2 YELL (howl) at peepl 2 make THEM CONFUZD from Jinx. i also lern 2 use d EARTHS 2 GRAB peepl from da Oakmeister, u rememb him? i lerned d art of HEELIN from Mr Mind. lastly, i lerned how 2 shoot LITENINGS from my FACE from Shorter. KEWL AMI RITE? ITS FUN BECUZ, IM ON A BOAT. WIL VISIT SOON. X O X O, EHRGEIZ


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